Garry Baldry - Local Legend: Windsor NSW

Windsor local Garry Baldry has been a driving force in the fight against graffiti in his town and the Hawkesbury District for almost a decade. Garry has lived in Windsor for 38 years and clearly loves where he lives, remaining an active participant in the community and doing his part to keep it looking beautiful.

Garry implemented and ran a graffiti removal program in the Windsor Rotary Club for several years before joining forces with Graffiti Removal Day as a site supervisor and local area co-ordinator when it was established in 2012.

“I wanted to encourage the community to roll up their sleeves and participate in cleaning up the graffiti from places where they live”, Garry revealed.

The programs are working well in the area, with Garry explaining that the incidence of new graffiti occurring over cleaned sites has drastically reduced over the 9 years he has been running his program through Rotary and since teaming up with Graffiti Removal Day in 2012. Garry works quickly to remove graffiti soon after it appears, to deter vandals and let them know they are wasting their time and energy as it won’t last long.

Garry highlights the sense of community spirit involved in the day, and that being involved offers a sense of pride.

“Where there is a lot of graffiti, people feel unsafe and even threatened … People also get a sense of community by rolling up their sleeves and helping to rid their local area of graffiti”, Garry said.

Garry also mentions how enjoyable the day is, adding that “it’s great to see how much fun people can have whilst cleaning up the graffiti”.

Join Garry and thousands of other volunteers on Sunday, 27 October for this year’s Graffiti Removal Day.  


Garry Baldry - Local Legend: Windsor NSW
Garry Baldry – Local Legend: Windsor NSW


Thank you to everyone who participated in Graffiti Removal Day 2019 today. Without your efforts it would not be possible. A big shout out to all the site supervisors who helped to organise the event.#lovewhereyoulive #GRD19

SAFETY ALERT: Volunteers will be out cleaning up for @GraffitiDay tomorrow but it's important you never try and remove graffiti from the electricity network yourself. If you see graffiti on our equipment you can request for it to be removed by going to

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