Graffiti Removal Day 2016

Graffiti vandalism costs New South Wales over $100 million per year.

The New South Wales Government is committed to reducing graffiti vandalism by encouraging local communities to get involved in the removal and prevention of graffiti. To support this goal the Government established a state-wide graffiti removal and prevention day known as “Graffiti Removal Day.

The aim of Graffiti Removal Day is to highlight the problem of graffiti and encourage people to volunteer their time to remove and prevent graffiti.

Graffiti Removal Day will take place on Sunday 30 October 2016.

To know more about the day or how to get involved, click on the links or call us on 1300 665 310.


We are no longer accepting graffiti sites nominations.

You can see what sites were selected from nominations to become clean-up on Graffiti Removal Day.

Or you can still get involved by becoming a volunteer and giving us a hand to clean up our city

Thank you for all the nominations, Graffiti Removal Day will take place on Sunday 30 October 2016.

  • 1980 +


  • 450 +

    nominated sites across NSW

  • 20980 +

    m² was cleaned

  • 1.4 million

    saved (government + private)

Volunteer - Give a helping hand

Graffiti is a serious problem across New South Wales and costs our community millions of dollars each year. Governments, businesses and volunteer organisations are doing their bit, however they also need your help.

You can get involved in the fight against graffiti by;

  • Volunteering to help at a clean-up site,
  • Promoting Graffiti Removal Day, or
  • Nominating a clean-up site.

Anyone over the age of 12 with the ability to clean off graffiti can volunteer to participate in Graffiti Removal Day.

You can register to become a volunteer by completing the form to the side.

To know more about Graffiti Removal Day please call 1300 665 310

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Please ensure you have read this Safety Information document.



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